Influencer marketing is a crowded field. The two-year old startup總決賽冠軍-【✔️推薦DD96·CC✔️】-2022nba總冠軍-nba總決賽冠軍kg2ng-【✔️推薦DD96·CC✔️】-2022nba總冠軍tgz7-nba總決賽冠軍nj0yp-2022nba總冠軍w3an Howl hopes to stand out by focusing on a variety of collaborative tools on its marketplace for creators and retailers, including Samsung and Sephora. The startup has raised $27 million in Series A funding led by venture firm  Carei Highland Capital Partners, The Information is first to report.

“There are dozens of products that are mostly creator databases. They give you access to a list of partners, but it ends there,”  Li Haslett Chen, Howl’s CEO and founder, a former McKinsey consultant, said in an interview. Howl, instead, matches retailers with creators, and surfaces information such as real-time sales data and products a retailer wants a creator to market. Advisers to the company include David Fischer, the former chief revenue officer at Meta Platforms, and former Slack CMO Bill Macaitis.